Custom Labels Printing

Your guide to getting the best results for your label printing requirements

It has been established over time that when people are looking to get custom labels printed, among the many things they look at and what stands out the most is superb service and quality work on labels.  You want your products and packaging to get the right attention. For most people, they prefer making their own custom labels by having them designed them as opposed to buying generic labels mostly because they want to stand out or distinguish their company from the rest of the companies in the market.

Custom labels leave an impression and make an impact on the person who is receiving the mails or the person who is purchasing your products. A label is important mainly because it can be a great strategy you can use to advertise your company hence you should be very careful when choosing a label because it is a marketing tool and as so it can either make or break you. To make work easier, some people sort out the services of a dedicated custom label printing specialist like Marick Label Printing. The more professional the artwork is, the better for you or your company and professionals like us can help create products which have personalisation. It goes without saying that they tend to purchase these products more.

Custom labels: Where to start?

Once you have selected a custom labels printer like Marick, most of your work is essentially done. All you need to do is communicate effectively what your desired end product is. Before you even place your order, we can supply you with a sample pack of labels. If you have samples that you have previously used and you want a replica of the same, that is even easier in that they won’t need the extra time trying to figure out how best to do the job. For most of the first time label buyers, they normally have no idea about the cost. They just have a general idea on the approximate cost, but they are mostly not aware of the hidden costs hence end up spending more than what they had initially anticipated. Basically, the companies or individuals that have significant and established businesses make more labels annually hence it becomes ultimately cheaper for them as they get great offers such as discounts occasionally.

Some of the key things you need to keenly consider before getting the label you want are as follows;

Custom Labels design

Whether you are considering having custom labels for bottles, letters or wine, the label design is very crucial. Many people prefer unique, personal and custom labels as opposed to the plain ones. Creating perfect label designs is relatively easy and not as expensive or time-consuming as many people think. There are tons of expertly designed templates that you can choose from should you want to design on your own. There is also plenty of label design software that when combined with matching labels printing paper will enable you to quickly print the custom labels in batches whenever you need to.  The specialised software comes in handy because you can create the printer labels without necessarily using a template but only with the label size that is used as a base.

To get your design, you have the option of either importing the pictures you would want to use or alternatively you can always type the text you want with any font that you desire.  Since most of the images on the internet have low resolutions, make sure that you use high-resolution images so that the images do not look blurry in the final product. For the graphics, it is advisable to go with vector graphics instead of raster. The main reason why people prefer vector graphics when printing text on labels is because they can easily be reduced and enlarged at any time without distorting the image quality. If your main goal is to make your brand noticeable, then you should be extra careful with the logo. Ensure that it is not too small and is not obscured by the artwork because it will for sure interfere with the design and make it unnoticeable. Make sure that it is strategically placed either at the center or at the top of the design so that the target customers can see it without straining too much.

Label Shapes

The shape of your label is important because if you choose wisely, it can definitely draw the much-needed attention the product without a lot effort. There are a variety of label shapes that are offered, and they could be in rectangular shape, square, oval, hearts or seal. The printers have a wide variety of shapes but at the same time still, allow you to typically order any custom shape that you may need that is not available in their collection. However, you should know that when you request for a custom shape label, you will definitely incur more charges which of course will vary depending on the printer you choose to work with. Some shapes end up being more complex than others when fixing them hence causing them to cost more but in the end, they end up being equally worth the extra coin. The shape you ultimately choose will be crucial because some designs can only look better with specific designs. Just by having and using a unique shape, you can really stand out from your competitors unknowingly.

Custom labels features

Finishing and materials

The materials and the finishing will have a great impact on your design. For the materials consider factors like its life span, the intended use and lastly the surface to which it will be applied to. The finishing will definitely affect the color of your label for instance, while gloss lamination tends to increase brightness matt vanish in most cases dull the color. A matte laminate, on the other hand, gives the label class. To avoid getting any disappointment in future, you can always use a printed press proof to show you the different materials and finishing that are available and how they impact the label at a relatively small cost.

Metallic colours

When choosing a colour for your custom labels, consider the material background colour first. The colour you ultimately choose is important because it has a direct influence on the potential buyer’s decision. If you are having difficulty with deciding which the best color is, there are good and legit online tools that will help with the decision. For most products, it is recommended that silver, gold, and holographic foiling be used because it usually adds reflectance and class to the image.

Custom Labels sizing

This will be greatly influenced by the container or the packaging that will be used. For some products, you will need to get a single label or you could use multiple labels for the back and the front. Since you want to be very cost effective buying label separately for the front and the back is not advisable. You would much rather buy one big label and wrap it around to cut on costs. You should also be keen on dimensions more specifically the length, the width and the corner radius. You need always to find a balance between your product and the label which is why the size will be important so that it serves it purpose.

Protective coatings

Most labels are occasionally exposed to moisture and chemicals and hence require lamination and UV clear coat. For most of the printers, they normally advice that you use UV resistant films that are high gloss and super mate so that they can add a contrasting reflection on the labels.  You should, therefore, consider all these factors in order to get what you need at the end of the day.

Barcodes and variable data

For people who are fierce on promoting their products, this is a great feature because it will also have the website links that people can have access to should they want to know more about the company and other products.

Quality visuals

Visuals in most cases tend to sell the product you have put out there even before the logo or the text. You should always include visuals in all your labels and ensure that they are current and not outdated because using outdated visuals give the potential customers the perception that the product is also old and outdated.  Over time, it has been noted that most people react positively and are drawn more to labels which have visuals than the ones without.