Label Printing Companies

How to choose the perfect supplier to help you create bespoke labels.

For all serious businesses, getting the brand established is very important, and this is especially the case for the small upcoming businesses that people have barely heard of. With the ever changing technology, brand requirements and the high customer expectations, it is not very easy and straightforward to get the right label printing companies to support your journey as you establish the brand.

It could take a lot of time and mistakes before you actually get labeling supplies that you need and the type of services you want. For any company, it is absolutely critical for the label you use to have a great level of quality for you to keep your business on top of the game. Since most companies want good quality labels at fair prices to cut on costs, they have to take their time to find the perfect fit for them at a fairly low price. They want label printing companies that can be able to achieve their specialty branding objectives.

Well established label printing companies

Marick is known as one of the best label printing companies in the UK. We have enjoyed this reputation, and this has made clients seek out their services because they are assured of quality and brand development. The well-established label printing companies have been supplying plain and printed self-adhesive labels to a large client base including multi-national companies. Marick label printing companies are found in very many regions in the UK including London, East Of England, Scotland, South East, Northern Ireland among many others.

Marick have built a reputation specialising in freezer labels, multi-layer labels, water resistant labels, foil printed labels among many others since then. Also, unlike other label printing companies in the UK have had an extensive experience in producing different kinds of labels especially the drink industry labels. They have maintained their clientele and attracted new clients because of how keen they are when it comes to details such as the finishing and the design of the different labels. There long term exposure in the market has made them excite their clients because of the value they finally get.  They have heavily invested in digital printing facilities, and this has guaranteed quality labels when they print the labels. For most of these companies, they have the capability of fulfilling any size order and give a quick turnaround while at it. Another great thing about these companies is that they give discounts especially for the large orders and they are highly reliable.

Reliable and regular technology investments

When it comes to technology, the label printing companies you deal with should have made investments in the latest machinary. Technology will help you make the labels quickly and in precise quantities. It helps you with the right layout, the right colors and durable and high-quality materials. Over the last 50 years, changes in printing technology have been witnessed especially in self-adhesive label printing technologies and processes.

When choosing label printing companies you must ensure that your chosen supplier has made regular investments. Marick Label Printing have invested tens of thousands of pounds in recent years with many more to come. These investments are in both key methods we use to print labels:

Conventional method

The conventional method has been used from as early as the 1980’s. It technically involves a lot of set-up time and materials, and hence the initial set-up cost is very high. The method is relatively hard to use and slower to produce many labels with this method. This method is outdated and many people are advancing to the digital method because of its new and more effective features.

Digital method

Digital label printing has enhanced color management, and for this, a sophisticated management information system is needed for it to work. With the digital method, you need to be keen on the resolution that you will ultimately use and see whether the work needs a white ink in the printing heads or if the press has an extended color gamut. The press running speeds between the digital press technologies are very different, so you need to know how important the speed is with the many short run job changes. With digital, you need to decide whether to go with the in line finishing or the off line finishing. If it is in line that the converter has decided to go with, then for every job change, a press stop needs to be done in order to modify the cutting dies. For the off line finishing, one finishing line could handle the output of several digital presses hence maximizing on press production time.


Most label printing companies have been in the business for a very short time. Marick offer the ideal mix of experience having been established in 2009 with significant prior experience in label manufacturing. The ideal company that you should work with should be one that has extensive knowledge of design and the layout to use when making labels. We are in the best place to tell you the materials to use because they have done that repeatedly.  They will undoubtedly give you a product label that suits your need perfectly. Label printing companies that have existed for a long time have mastered the art of making the best labels through the mistakes that they have made in the past hence they are the safest bet for you. They have experimented with different designs and shapes over the years, and so they know how best to make your label stand out.

Good service

For the most obvious reasons, as a company, you don’t ever want to deal with headaches from suppliers since you already have enough problems to deal with. Before you outsource the labeling job to these label printing companies, you need to do some thorough research on your own. Find out from people about the services of that particular company especially enquire from their previous clients.  Get to know if they are time conscious and if they deliver on time when requested.  This is very important because, for most people, they run businesses that have a lot of products that need occasional labeling, so you need a reliable printing company that will match up to that. Aside from being time conscious, you should find out about how good their services are in general. Since there are many label printing companies out there, ensure you compare them and find out which among them is the best for your business.

Quality over quantity

In all aspects of life, people expect to get value for their money by getting the best quality that is out there for absolutely everything. The expectations are so high that as a company you cannot afford to risk that just to save costs at the expense of maintaining your clients. As a company, you should not be duped by the printing companies’ turnaround time and the mass production they do without considering other things.  Since you want your brand‘s image to be perfect, take time to analyze the quality before the products get to the customers. You would much rather have your work professionally done using the digital printing technology and spend more money as opposed to the cheaper and bigger online mass printing outlets that give poor quality labels.

Print management consistency

When looking for label printing companies, you need to consider the ones that have consistency in print management.  Technically, if they have these systems in place, they will be able to maintain the brand continuity by simply storing specific label detail and artwork. This ensures that the specific requirements are met each time, and the budget is also adhered to. They also offer a very efficient order cycle platform that distributes print jobs, and this helps meet the clients PR deadlines and packaging.


With the industry knowledge, the label printing companies should be able to be creative and offer insight on how their customers can stand out. You should get a label printing companies that offers new techniques and finishes to help the brand develop each time. Brand development is a useful marketing tool hence should occasionally be embraced. This versatility is very exciting since clients like when there are new and stimulating undiscovered print opportunities in the market that are readily available and very affordable. The primary target for experimentation is to increase the audience size, exposure and to also maintain the existing audience by keeping up with what is currently happening with the new technology.


For purchasing decisions, this is a vital element, but at the same time, it can be very tricky. When asking for quotes from the different label printing companies, most of the firms already know how far they are willing to stretch when it comes to finances especially when working with new label printing companies.  In almost all cases, the higher you spend, the better the services, quality, turnaround time, finishes, artwork, and delivery.  While you will want to spend a good amount of money to get the best labels, it is also very prudent to ensure that the prices remain realistic and are making financial sense in terms of profits.