Product Labels

What type of label? Ideas for printing packaging and product labels

Product labels are key to a products success. As such packaging should be your main focus because it is the last and final marketing message that your potential customer gets and their decisions sometimes is based solely on this. Being innovative and constantly embracing change will get you ahead of your competitors in many ways. It pays to take risks when it comes to product labels by being different since your product will be easily noticed and will stand out from the many others on the shelf. If you don’t feel creative and innovative enough to come up with your ideas you can always dig deeper into your pocket and get the services of a packaging design firm that will do a spectacular job for you.

Among the tips that will be rewarding and will help you with packaging and product labels include:

Product labels design is the focus of your packaging

Design is everything when it comes to packaging. People are drawn and attracted to beautifully and well-crafted designs.  You should put equal focus on the packaging of the product as you put on the product. Most of the customers barely know about the product so unless you get customers who has prior experience with the product you will not sell anything without proper designs on labels. Correct packaging comes in because through the labels, they can tell what to anticipate and it could be the reason they make the purchase in the end.

Be fun and playful with the packaging

Think outside the box and research what makes people happy or what puts them in a better mood. Fun packaging can also be a great idea for adults and not only for kids who fancy everything bright with fun shapes. Most companies are now embracing the fun packaging idea especially the wine industry. Product labels do not have to be dull and boring to sell, try playing with the design, and you will definitely see the positive results.

Draw your inspiration from nature

Who said you have to stick to the old ways when it comes to packaging? You can use or borrow some ideas from nature like using a kangaroo pouch and a pea pod for your label. Most of the product labels inspired by nature are usually very elegant and beautifully crafted.

You should focus the packaging on a specific target

To be more effective, you need to package with a specific target audience in mind. Know who you want the product to appeal to and then work from there since you will have the end in mind and as such be more successful. It is hard to make a design that the whole population will like because of the differences in taste and preferences’ hence narrowing that to a specific group makes it sell quicker.

Add something extra to the packaging

Although this has been stated a couple of times, it can never be emphasized enough. Do not stick to the standard way of packaging or what you are used to making. You can add a little twist and be unique so that if your product is put on a shelf together with other products the customers can easily differentiate it from other products.

Choosing the perfect Label Adhesives for your product labels

When you are choosing the adhesive you want to use, you need to ensure you have the perfect balance between the strength of the adhesion so that it does not easily fall off and you should also at the same time ensure that it can be removed when need be.

There are different self-adhesive labels you can choose from and they include;


These are undoubtedly the most used adhesives for products. These are very cost effective and are specifically designed not to be moved once they have been placed on anything. When they are repositioned they leave a residual on most surfaces hence, they should ideally not be moved once they have been placed at a specific location. They are used on most surfaces except surfaces like damp plastics. People prefer this adhesive because it is very durable and is really high quality.


Unlike the permanent adhesive, the peelable adhesive is designed to allow the product label to be removed when need be. The peel able adhesive, however, leaves a residue on the surface in some cases and the rule goes that the longer it is on a particular surface, the harder it is to be removed and the higher the possibility of leaving a residue.

Ultra Peel

These are the weakest adhesives as compared to the rest. They are mainly used for marking up high-value goods or products that need to be easily removed. If they are used inappropriately or incorrectly, they can easily fall off since the adhesion strength is very low.


These are unique adhesives since they are used only for the products that are stored at extremely low temperatures. We have these special ones because the other adhesives lose their effectiveness the moment they are placed on temperatures below -10 degrees.

Product Labels for bottles

Whether you are looking to get labels for beers, wines or water bottles there is always the option of customizing the labels to make them more appealing. Getting the right bottle label and size is a very crucial decision and so is getting the best design and using the right application process. For bottles, it is very likely that they will ultimately end up being kept in a fridge or someplace where the temperatures are really low. For this reason, it is prudent to use labels that are waterproof and weather proof. These waterproof labels are designed to be water resistance and at the same time keep the label looking perfect regardless of the conditions. Some of the most recommended materials for water or liquid protection include white matte, white gloss, clear matte, clear gloss and metallic silver.

When you want to pick the right size, ensure that you check out the common bottle label sizes and get one that has the same dimensions as your bottle. Alternatively, you can download a printable ruler that you will use to measure your circumference accurately. When you get the measurements, you are advised to add ¼ to your length.  It is wise to have an overlap since it gives the bottles a finished look and also will be great because it will keep the label intact for a very long time. Once you have decided on what design to go with, you will need to apply the bottle label very carefully so that it stays for long and withstands all conditions especially when it is with the customer. For cosmetic labels, BOPP adhesives are usually the best selection for the personal care products and beauty products since they can be able to withstand both oil and water. In addition, the BOPP adhesives are in both clear versions and white chrome which makes it easier to suite your brand’s stylistic preferences. For beer bottle labels, there are specific types of adhesives that can be used. This is because the adhesives should be able to withstand condensation and be water resistant and these are very few in the market.

Product Labels for refrigerated packaging

Refrigerated packaging is mostly about food packaging which is crucial because it has an impact on the product display and the consumer’s choice. At a very reasonable price, you can find a highly customized food label to use especially for packages that will be refrigerated for a while. The materials that are used for the refrigerated packaging are water resistant, and they effectively protect the food labels that are put in the fridge. The materials are durable, and they are of high quality hence can withstand any conditions the product labels are put into.

Labels for frozen packaging

You need to choose labels that are freezer proof so that they do not get distorted under very low temperatures. There are tons of companies out there that have specialized in making the customized printed freezer labels that are exactly according to your preferences. The freezer labels are specialty labels that are designed specifically for frigid environments. The adhesive used has to have a high stickiness level or a high tack so that it does not fall off the package. The freezer labels are categorized into the labels that are meant for frost or moisture conditions and the ones that are for dry conditions. The frozen packaging labels usually come with stick coatings and pressure sensitive peels, and this enables them to stick to literally any surface like plastic, steel, and glass.

Labels for cartons

There are many companies out there that manufacture carton labels that are highly customized. The labels are high quality, and they are unique and attractive to the customers. They are also very effective and help a lot when it comes to managing stocks in a store because of distribution and batch rotation. There is a range of blank labels for cartons and standard sized labels that you can choose from should you decide to use them for your business. There are also the cartoon barcodes that need to be used in order to satisfy the retailers demand when it comes to barcode compliance. Many people prefer to use colored cartons labels mainly because they provide product and tracking information. The labels help easily know what is contained in the box without having to open it.