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Personalised labels make your product label more compelling, you need to be very wise when it comes to the product packaging design. For most labels, they usually have key information about the product like the name, the logo of the brand and a short description or a tag line. There is a reason why some products on a shelf are barely noticeable, and others look like they are screaming for attention.

Designing most of these packages and personalised labels can seem a bit daunting, but once you know what you want and get a company like Marick Label Printing to do that for you, then you are on the right path.  Some of the design ideas are self-created while others are provided by the client. It is vital to have the details right at the beginning of designing so that you do not have to revise and reprint in the future.

Personalised labels: Design tips to create great looking labels

Make it readable

The whole point of having personalised labels is so that the customers can read and get what you are trying to sell. When designing, you should make sure that the font is large enough so that people do not struggle to read. The colour also plays a significant role on how legible the label will be. The colours should basically have enough contrast with the background. It is recommended that you get a colour that has intensity contrast and value. As much as the type color should be influenced by your type of product, bright colors are still the best because they make people buy the product. You should also ensure that you incorporate your brand’s colors somewhere into the personalised labels design so that it stands out.


Since there are very many competing products in the market, it is very necessary for you as a company to be different. You need to have a lot of creativity and originality so that you stay ahead of your competitors. For a great brand, the originality will be a great selling point, and it will make your product memorable. There is no guide on how to be authentic since you cannot teach creativity. This is why most of the clients decide to hire the services of companies like Marick Label Printing with their unique design in-house design studio which can bring the authenticity to their product through the well-made personalised labels.

We have a team of heavy weight senior graphic designers hired for their great visual standards that will ensure that you are not hopelessly using the generic looking design packaging design. If your competitors are thinking in one line and are focusing on one thing, this is a perfect chance for you to get your creativity working to your advantages. Find your source of inspiration from random and different things such as nature. Before you finally decide on a custom label, make sure that your team has brainstormed, and all ideas have been heard from everyone so that you choose the best. With the many appealing and exciting products out there, authenticity will enable you to stay in the game, maintain old customers and acquire new ones who could be attracted by your authenticity. Ultimately, you want something clean, unusual and eye catching.

Image use

An image is fundamental because it essentially gives the target customers a familiar and quick way of identifying your product. A well thought out; creative image will make the customer’s decision easier. When using images for the personalised labels, ensure you incorporate the brand into the image so that you also sell the brand. Keep the images in the design style consistent so that your customers do not waste time trying to figure out if the product is from your brand or not.

Simplicity and clarity

As a shopper, the last thing you are looking for in a product is ambiguity. Everyone wants something simple that has clarity on what it is about and how it is used. A customer should be able to easily tell at first glance what the product is and what the brand is. Within the first seconds of glancing at a product on a shelf, the customer should be able to decide why they should buy that particular product as opposed to the other products just from the custom label that it has. There are some products that have custom labels that state so many benefits without even indicating the brand and others have custom labels that give a different message than what it should in the first place. The labels should be able to clarify the usage, content and the brand identity. Some companies do not want to disclose everything upfront and thus prefer a little mystery which is a strategy for them and has worked for them, but it is not always the case for other companies especially the upcoming businesses that want to sell their products

Pay attention to the image quality

For the personalised labels designs, you should put the most emphasis on the quality you are putting out there. Custom labels have different qualities, and you should go for the best so that it can represent the brand. Quality color stocks usually give the product more visual presence and panache. Your personalised label design should be a masterpiece and people should feel like it is a work of art. Whether you want to go for an understated look or you want to stand out, quality is not something you can compromise.

Shelf impact

The shelf impact is something all retailers are familiar with since it has a bigger impact than people imagine. Most shoppers are mainly drawn to patterns in the shelf as opposed to the products. Products are normally arranged in columns and rows in certain orders to have an appeal to potential customers as a product is hardly ever seen on its own. As a shopper, you first have to be attracted to the pattern for you to even consider getting to check that particular shelf and see what the products are. The appeal and distinctiveness of specific products when they are on shelves in a certain order make a great difference in the product sales. If you have products you need to sell, ensure that with the design you chose on the custom labels, you explore and test where best to place the products on a shelf alongside similar products. You should make your product more distinctive because if your products blend in well with the rest, they tend to become invisible. To some extent, it does not really matter how simple or complex your product is when you put it on a shelf with other products hence you need to be careful with the shelf impact theory.


When it comes to design especially on personalised labels, you need to be very practical. Practicality is wide and extends to the size, functionality and actual shape. You need to create something realistic so that the product can sell. This is an element of the packaging design that many people forget to consider yet it could have a tremendous effect on the sales of a product.


For many brands, they normally extend or add more products to their brands after a while. There should always be room for growth and expansion when you are considering the different designs. Your initial design concept will have a major effect in the future, so it needs to be carefully thought out. The design ideally should always leave room for introduction of new extensions or sub brands. Creating room for extensibility will ensure that your customers don’t get confused once a new line has been introduced and you have no option but to use something totally different from the first design. At the start, you should have a visually systematically design that enables some few changes and other critical information especially on the personalised labels.

Get feedback

If you want to sell the product to your customers, always listen to what they have to say about the design.  For the more established companies that have built a brand over the years, they have had to listen and rectify their designs occasionally. If your customers feel you are not authentic or practical, then you need to do something about that. As much as you take feedback positively, you also need to also maintain a particular image because if you keep changing your custom labels each time then you will ultimately lose your identity.

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